Software Vendor Evaluation – First Step towards Successful Implementation of ERP
By Team Admin


Enterprise software evaluation is difficult, where to start, what to do, how to do is usually not documented or does not exist. Many people have cobbled together steps, tasks and procedures to create an approach. This post will offer a best practice approach used by Seven Stars Consultancy Services within its methodology for companies to shortlist software vendors.

Keep in mind that shortlisting is one component of a software evaluation project and could possibly make or break your project success. Here we discuss few tips and tricks that will assist you in your software selection project.

Prepare a Requirements Document:
It is recommended that you create a full standard operating procedure (SOP) business requirements document. This document is the culmination of all the functional and technical business processes used daily to support your business.

Market Categorization:
Organizations rarely know how software vendors sell their software and the differences that they see as to how organizations perceive themselves. Software is categorized into many categories for endless verticals and industries and with many vendors having significant market expertise which may be difficult for organizations to discern between competing vendors. A best practise approach is to classify what type of business your company actually does; services, manufacturing etc.

Not comparing Features to Features:
Organizations often make the mistake of comparing different types of systems and different deployment models side by side. A best practices approach is to do a comprehensive due diligence investigation. Include aspects of product features/functions, vendor services, product maintenance etc.

Full Disclosure:
A mistake that organizations make is that they do not clearly define what they are doing, how they doing it and what needs to be supported for daily operations. A best practice approach is to fully disclose all business needs to the vendor using your SOP business requirements document that includes, integrations needed for current systems etc. This will confirm that certain criteria and business objectives are sufficiently met and aid in the evaluation process.