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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

ERP for SMB Manufacturing

ERP for SMB Trading

ERP for Construction


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Unique Software

Secretarial Practice Software

Team Work Tracking


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Decision Support Software

Capital Investment Management

Capacity Planning

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Activity Based Costing


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We, at Seven Stars Consultancy Services have designed various innovative products to help organizations improve productivity and enable them to optimize the utilization of their IT investments.


Products Modules Features Industry
ERP Software MM, PP, SD, FI, CO, AA, QA Inventory Mgt, Batch Mgt, HR Real Time Data, Multi Location, Management DashBoards etc. Manufacturing, Trading, Construction and all other
Decision Support Software ----- ----- -----
Capital Investment Mgt. ----- Techno-Commercial Evaluations, Break Even Analysis, Discounted Cash Flows, Planned vs Actual Monitoring, Ratio Analysis, Reports etc. Any
Cost of Capital Calculation ----- Enables calculation of all types of Capital Any
Working Capital Requirement ----- Enables calculation of Working Capital Any
Product Mix-Profit Maximization ----- Prioritizing produce of various Products in a given Production Capacity or Financial Constraints Any
Team Work Tracking ----- Monitoring of Team Members' day to day activities, Billing to Customer, Collections, Reports & automated mails to the Top Mgt. Any
360 Degree Appraisal System ----- Cpmprehensive Appraisal System by Superior, Peer, Subordinate & Customer Any
Economic Value Added Calculation ----- Highlights the real value addition in terms of Growth vis a vis the Profit to the Organization Any
Economic Order Quantity Calculation and Make/Buy Decision ----- System highlights and gives a make/buy decision, useful for the spot decisions during Vendor Negotiations Any